Alpha Master

Draining inferiors is something I enjoy. You will downgrade your lifestyle to make sure your God is living the lifestyle hes accustom to.

Foot Master

My slaves pay for the right to be at my Alpha feet. You will do the same because you are weak for King Ginger. It is your destiny so why fight your place in life. Beneath a true Alpha God!

King Gingers Tip Page

King gingers slaves love their contributions showcased like a trophy in the Kingdoms cash trophy case. Its a badge of honor for them to serve the King. 

Bow to the King

Im a young cocky straight Alpha Master here to take your hard earned cash. You are here to finance my life of luxury. Have cash in hand loser…..

The Kingdom

A place of worship where you can become one of King Gingers cash drones.

Pay your God

Worship your God by making his life easier. Secure payments accepted through CCBILL


You will be expected to worship your God and make his life easier. Its your purpose.


Showcasing my TIP grabs and slaves that love to be exposed by an Alpha God

You can also contact king ginger on social media